Certification Frequently Asked Questions
How do I become Certified?

To become certified with the Missouri Animal Control Association (MACA) the following is required: (1) Complete a Voluntary Certification Animal Control/Humane Investigator application. (2) Pay a registration fee of $150.00 which includes the certification exam application fee of $10.00. (3) Attend a two-day Certification Training Program includes 2 lunches, 2 morning and 2 afternoon snacks.  . (4) Take the certification exam and pass with at least an 80%. 

How long does my Certification last?

Your Certification is for two (2) years.

How do I renew my Certification?

To maintain your certification you must complete twenty (20) hours of job related training within the two (2) years of your certification. You must renew your certification fee.

I have not completed the required training what can I do?

If the required training has not been completed then you must retake the Certification test.

Do I have to take the Certification Test each time I renew my certification?

No. If you complete twenty (20) hours of additional job related training with in your two (2) year Certification you do not need to retake the Certification test.

If I change Agencies do I need to recertify?

No. The certification is your's not your Agency's. It is your responsibility to inform the Certification Committee of the change so accurate records are kept.

I have completed some training now what do I do?

If the training was presented by MACA it will automatically be credited to you. If the training was not given by MACA you need to mail or fax a copy of your certificate of attendance along with the total amount of training hours. If a certificate is not given you will need to provide name and date of the training, the instructor's name and phone number or your supervisor's name and phone number along with the total amount of training hours and a brief summary of the training.